Become a Fullstack JavaScript Web Developer

Jquery - React - React Native - Redux - Node.js

Entrepreneurs and Digital Makers, learn to code in 10 weeks in a highly stimulating environment with a truly qualified team. Our program is designed to effectively train you to design and create your web or mobile application.
Learn how to code to transform your future !


Design and prototype your application
UX/UI - Product Design Sprint

3 days

You will see how to create applications with a simple, modern and efficient design using the Product Design Sprint, and the best UX/UI techniques. You will be able to prototype and test your product in order to create an extremely relevant design thanks to an innovative methodology implemented by Google's experts and the UX/UI tips and techniques of the best graphic designers.

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You will work like the best startups and find the most relevant solutions to conceive your application. Share ideas during collaborative workshops and sketch interface solutions.

Prototyping - UX/UI

Learn how to make your mokups quickly and efficiently to validate your concept. You will use adapted tools and understand the essential principles of UX -UI.

User Stories - Git & Github

Have the right workflow to code efficiently and smartly. Write user stories, use Git & Github to collaborate with other people and par so much more essential things !


Code your Web app with Javascript

3 weeks

Once your app is designed and tested by your users, you will need to create it. You will learn how to effectively code a Tech product both on the Front-end side, the visible part of the application, but also on the Back-end side, the'brain' of your application. Beyond the technique and languages, you will know how to code using the best startup methodologies and acquire the mindset of best developers.

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Javascript front-end

Learn the fundamentals of Javascript programming on the Front end side, the notion of events, DOM and the use of the Jquery library.

Back-end in Node.JS

Back-end receives and answers the requests sent by the front-end. In this part, we will learn about the server, data process and connection with the database. We will learn how to conceive scalable and autonomous back-ends.

Mongo DB - The database

Learn how to design your database schemas. Use CRUD operations with MongoDB, a simple, flexible and very powerful database.


Advanced concepts & mobile application in Javascript

4 weeks

Once you know how to code a web application, you will see how to code mobile applications, which have become essential today! To do this, we will use React Native. It will allow you to code native applications, i.e. applications that will be able to fully use the features and resources of mobile devices.

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Front-end : React & Redux

React & Redux are two powerful libraries that have conquered the world of startups. They work perfectly together and will allow you to build ultra-fluid and modern applications.

React Native

This library shares the same strengths as React, but for mobile devices. Thanks to this, you will be able to use the native features of mobile devices namely, geolocation, camera or the address book.


Data Collection & Viewing

3 days

At this point in the program you will be able to design, model and code web applications and mobile applications. But if you want to be able to manage your projects efficiently, you will need to know how to extract and manipulate your data, a crucial issue today !

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Advanced queries in noSQL

Learn to write simple and advanced queries to extract datas from your databases. We will talk about jonction, aggregation and sorting.

Data Visualization and reporting

In the age of Big Data, it is essential to learn how to extract and process your data. We will also learn how to harness your data efficiently through interactive dashboards.


Project Time

2 weeks

You will spend 2 weeks coding the project of your choice, as a part of a team, with all the tools and know-how you will have acquired during the program. There is no reason to panic, we will not abandon you so easily ! Our teachers and assistants will be there to assist and guide you in your first steps as a full-stack web developer !


A tailor-made post-training support program

Startup track

For entrepreneurs, we have created a tailor-made support program to lay the first technical building blocks of your project.

A 3 workshops program

Prototype creation

Setting up the data model

Backend design

Career track

If you want to become a Web developer and work for a company, we have prepared a highly targeted support program to help you prepare yourself as well as possible.

A 3 workshops program

Round Table discussion
IT job market

Resume Tips Workshops

Preparation for technical tests

Build your web developer portfolio

Discover the projects coded by our students at the end of the program


Geolocalized beer delivery

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Resale of unsold pastries

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The best replicas of OSS 117

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Theoretical course


Quizz and challenges


Yoga once a week


Morning review




Live code


Happy drink : a means of diving into the entrepreneurship ecosystem and build your professional network !

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